Nights at Camp Silwane with the sounds of nature and the lions roaring keeps you in the moment and makes the world and its worries seem very far away. In your tent and under the stars the traveller can feel completely connected to nature. Camp Silwane engages you in all your senses, keeping you very much in the moment, all reminding you that the world of consumerism, social media, smart phones are not where one finds one’s soul. Silwane Tented Camp allows you to experience the rich, wonderful African wildlife and rediscover the priorities of one’s life. This is all done whilst supporting the conservation of this special place in Zimbabwe.

Stylish, comfortable tents have been erected at Camp Silwane. Each tent is specially placed apart under a lovely forest of mixed woodland comprising False Mopane and Teak trees, providing plenty of shade for those sweltering hot summer days, overlooking a natural pan and grasslands (vlei). Each tent is en-suite, with a spacious veranda, where guests can enjoy the tranquil surroundings of the Africa Bush. Here one will see buffalo, elephant and plains animals, as well as a chance glimpse of the elusive camp leopard walking down to the waterhole. Sustainable solar electricity is used for lighting in the tents and kitchen. Care has been taken to support local industry in establishing the Tented Expeditions Camp. The tents, furniture, rugs, lamps are all handcrafted for the camp by local artisans. As you sleep in soft, comfortable beds you will hear the night sounds of Africa – the cicadas, the hoot of the eagle owl, the croaking of the frogs, the whoop of the hyena, the cough of the leopard and the spine-chilling roar of the dominant lion, Mopane. Then there are the moments of complete and utter silence where nature seems to be holding its breath in anticipation. As you look out of the tent window you will see a myriad of stars so close you feel you could touch them.

The dawn pinks the sky, the bird song starts, as you awaken with the expectation and excitement of the day. You are to explore the Silwane Conservation Area and all she has to offer, or perhaps explore Hwange National Park, a 15-minute drive away.

The Tented Expedition Camp is a self-catered camp, with a well-equipped communal tented kitchen, complete with gas fridges, deep freeze, gas burners as well as cutlery and crockery which will allow you to prepare meals deserving of such a special place.

Silwane, in the heart of Africa calls you for an unforgettable experience. Hear her call.