Camp Silwane is located on prime land with the best of Hwange features: Kalahari sands, open grassland, bush land and teak forest as well as having established waterholes on the conservation area which attracts regular visits from wildlife. Visitors need only stay at Camp Silwane to experience the diverse range of wildlife. Those wishing to venture further into Hwange Park will find Camp Silwane ideally located. Camp Silwane is only 13 km from the magnificent Mbiza plain where Ilala palms create a unique landscape.

Besides scattered palms in spots in Hwange, these palms are mainly only found in this area in Hwange as previously there was a movement corridor from the Zambezi for wildlife. Elephants would eat the Ilala palms in the Zambezi area, move along the corridor and then stop at the waterholes in and around Mbiza leaving droppings containing the seeds of the palms. The palms are a link to the past when elephants and wildlife had larger areas to roam in. Camp Silwane is fortunate to also have Ilala palms scattered around the conservancy.

Well known Kennedy pan is 4km from Camp Silwane and Ngweshla pan and picnic spot, a firm favourite with experienced game watchers due to its abundant game, is a pleasant 20 km drive along the Masumamalisa vlei where elephant sightings are an almost guaranteed experience.