The developers of the Silwane Conservation Area are partnering with the local community and landowners to transform the area from a hunting area to conservation area. To do so, Silwane is working with conservation groups to develop an understanding of wildlife, its movement and preservation of its habitat and encouraging research projects. Old established wildlife movement corridors have been blocked due to hunting and human encroachment. Mammals such as lion have no new areas to move to, to start prides of their own. Elephant old migration routes have been blocked. The Silwane conservation area will give safe migratory channels for animals moving between it and the National Parks. We intend to achieve this through education and involvement of local communities in using the wild life to sustain and improve their well-being, without the need to sell animals to hunters.

The wild life, through community based tourism, is expected to improve the community's standard of living. The community involvement with wild life management and research, will decrease the loss of habitat and poaching. The human wild life conflict will be addressed through the local community, creating a sustainable wild life management in the Silwane Conservation Area.