Are you an intrepid explorer or experienced camper?
Do you want to sit in your camp site overlooking a watering hole and observe undisturbed wildlife at your leisure?
Do you miss that sound of the elephant stomach rumble as he feeds on Albidia pods?
Do you just want to be away from the demands of everyday life and just feel freedom and peace in the moment?

The developers of Camp Silwane are also keen campers and know just how special camping is. Only with camping are you completely immersed in nature; the sights, sounds and smell. Only with camping are you truly free of social media and modern life. You can have a complete break and ground yourself in nature.

Camp Silwane is pleased to offer Acacia Grove as the only private camping area south of the park. Grassland under spreading Camel Thorn Trees situated by a prolific watering hole that is really teaming with game and birdlife, this camp site is unique. Campers can choose their camp site, each carefully situated to allow for privacy and shade. With the aim of keeping the area as natural as possible, Acacia Grove is unfenced and has a communal ablution comprising of a pulley shower, basin with running water and flushing toilet surrounded by grass and reed thatching.

A thatched gazebo offers shelter during rains or cover from sweltering hot days. A good place to gather with family and friends or just be on your own. Acacia Grove does not permit day visitors to come to the camping ground so no intrusive vehicles arriving into your space to picnic! Guests have the option of booking the entire site for their party for that private experience.

Camp Silwane is also keeping in mind those experienced campers who really seek solitude and wish to be on their own. Exclusive bush camps are being established to provide for this need and are well worth visiting.

Keep in mind that the camp sites are truly wild. All game can wander through and at night you will likely hear the roar of the Somadada lion Pride and the rasping of the resident leopard. The nights are magical, sitting by your fire with clear skies above displaying jewel-like heavens; an astronomers dream!

Here at last you will experience the REAL Africa.