There are over 400 species of birds in the area. The avid twitcher as well as the person with a casual interest in birds, will find much to interest them. Species such as Southern Ground Hornbills, Kori Bustards, Red Billed and Yellow Billed Oxpeckers, African Golden Oriole, Racket Tailed Roller, Red Billed Spurfowl and White Breasted Cuckooshrikes.

During the wet season (October through to March), when the alates (commonly termed as 'flying ants') appear, flocks of various species of raptors feast on these emerging insects. It is not uncommon to see gatherings in hundreds of Tawny Eagles, Steppe Eagles, Booted Eagles, Vultures, Red Footed Falcons and Yellow Billed Kites feeding on these alates.