Camp Silwane
Camp Silwane
Experience the real Africa
Experience the real Africa

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"I speak of Africa and golden joys." - Shakespeare (Henry IV Part 2)

Welcome to Camp Silwane

Camp Silwane is an exciting new camp located on a stunning, private wildlife rich conservation area situated adjacent to Hwange National Park, one of the last true great wilderness areas of Zimbabwe. Silwane Conservation Area is an innovative new project where what was previously a hunting area is being transformed into a protected, photographic safari area. This initiative began with a small group of conservationists with a passion for Hwange National Park and its surrounds. These individuals had a vision of transforming part of the hunting area, adjacent to the National Park, into a conservancy where wildlife are free to roam between the two. Some of the landholders in the area whose income used to be derived from hunting now share this desire to protect the wildlife for future generations and have joined the initiative. It is hoped that the success of Silwane will encourage other landholders to join in the conservation area.

The name Silwane is derived from iSilwane from the Ndebele language word for lion. Indeed, the visitor to Camp Silwane will hear the regular roar of the dominant male lion as he patrols his area and often see the resident Somadada Pride at the Silwane waterholes. Silwane Conservation Area is beautiful, with 3 large permanent waterholes as well as seasonal water pans that attract prolific game and birdlife.

To stay at Hwange and its surrounds, even for a fleeting visit, has been out of reach of many people, especially families, due to the high cost of luxury accommodation. Keeping this in mind the developers of Silwane have provided comfortable but affordable accommodation that will enable guests to enjoy this majestic wilderness. Camp Silwane has recently established five spacious and comfortable en-suite tents on concrete or teak spaced out under teak trees in a self-catering facility located by a waterhole. Bush camping with ablutions is also available at the majestic Acacia Grove which is kept as a natural site and as undisturbed as possible to allow for that unobtrusive in nature experience in the only private camping area in the south of the park. Set under spreading Camel Thorn trees the camp site overlooks a prolific and active wildlife watering hole. Under development is a ‘ sleeping under the stars experience’ on a platform by Somadada Watering hole for that unforgettable safari experience. There are no fences between the National Park and Silwane Conservation Area, nor are there any fences around the camps so wildlife is free to move around these areas. Visitors can choose to explore the conservancy or visit Hwange Park, a mere 3 km away.

By choosing to stay at Camp Silwane, the visitor will not only have a comfortable , exciting and rewarding experience in an lovely location but will also be supporting a very worthwhile conservation cause which would not be possible otherwise.

Camp Silwane looks forward to welcoming you!

Camp Silwane - Enjoy The Luxury Of Your Self Catering Facilities
Camp Silwane Enjoy The Luxury Of Your Self Catering Facilities

Camp Silwane - Africa Sunset
Camp Silwane Africa Sunset

African Nights At Camp Silwane
African Nights At Camp Silwane

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